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Have you have heard of Indian big fat wedding celebrations without a DJ, Dhol or a live performer? Sounds weird right? Because having a wedding without this source of entertainment is just total waste of money that you are splurging at the time of wedding and the events during the celebration.

If you are hiring a DJ that has become a trend these days, it is one of the ways to make your wedding right and successful. One of the best ways to make the event run is by hiring a DJ, Bollywood Singers, Live Bands among others. An event like Wedding Celebrations that takes a long time like a week or so, people for such events opt for better source of entertainment options to keep their interests engrossed. These amazing ideas of entertainment add an extra charm to the wedding you want to hire these artists for. There are a lot of other sources of entertainment like artists that can keep your guests hooked throughout the Wedding Celebrations. You can also hire a comedian or poet performers as these days people are crazy about poetry and they are also inclined towards acting.

The renowned and professional Artists are known for excellent singing and brilliant performances at the wedding functions and big events. Their forte is Bollywood music combined with a touch of classical, Sufi, Rock, Retro in their own style. They are a group of experts who will take you on a musical voyage on your wedding day. With their excellent musical artistry, you can be assured of that and your guests will have a gala time at your Wedding Celebrations.

Wedding Celebrations is one of the most important parts of everyone’s life. People are opting for the option for all the source of entertainment for the guests to keep them hooked throughout the events as these days people are more often into Bollywood songs and more so there are some different kinds of artists that you can hire.


In most of the Wedding Celebrations nowadays, people are taking the entertainment easily because after some of the ceremonies, the guests starting feeling bored and leave the function before time. To keep the guests hooked, arranging a live performance by the renowned Duet Singers is greatly in trend. Hiring the duet singers who sings throughout the function and entertain the guests is an excellent option. The unique combination of the voices among the male and the female will set the evening on fire. You will enjoy the Jugalbandi between the two and your guests will love the way they will sing for you.


Hiring a cover band is the most amazing way to engage your guests to the function. The band not only make your evening worth remembering but also make your guests appreciates you for a wonderful arrangement. The Band generally is where the performers can play English as well as in Hindi songs if you request from them to sing. The best part of opting a band is that you can request them to sing whatever you feel like. Wedding celebrations is always about having fun and enjoying the wedding and this way of entertainment helps you to do so.


There are very few people who love nicely done original music and rarely do these bands or singers get a chance to whip it up in front of a crowd. So, choose a band according to your taste and according to what your guests would like. There are so many new bands that do amazingly awesome music for Wedding Celebrations to make your evening memorable. Make your guests hooked to your Wedding function as they tap a foot with their partners on the songs the band plays and bring back their own wedding memories back. 


This is something that you will find at every Indian Wedding Celebration that would make your guests go into a tizzy. What is a wedding without the Bhangra dance? Right? This is one of the things that you can expect at every wedding. But sometimes the guests hesitate to dance and the hiring of the Bhangra-Gidda dancers would be a great option here to make your guests groove fearlessly with all the fun. Perfect for Sangeet and Reception parties, the dancers make the whole function sparkling and exciting.


It is one of the most common sources of entertainment in Indian weddings as the people of India loves to groove their heart out on peppy songs so the tradition of calling a DJ is a legacy that has been running from a long back. In India, people don’t enjoy a wedding unless they shake a leg at Wedding Celebrations. Arranging a DJ is not at all a big deal since it is so trendy these days. In fact, the banquet hall people can also tie ups with the DJ so you can easily find out the one for your wedding events.


We offer the services with a clear understanding of the requirements of your Wedding Celebrations and budget. Offering comprehensive solutions for any event is our forte. Wedding Mantras constantly updates their list of performers to blend in with the new trends and demands of the industry. Apart from setting the mood right, Wedding Mantras makes sure that this mood is static even till the end of the show and guests leave the occasion happily. We have the best Artist’s like Comedians, Singers, Dancers and other performers in the market. Along with this the Wedding Mantras never forgets its manners. The professional team is willing to travel for you and reach to your venue wherever you want him to both within the city and outside.

So, come for the enthralling experience and create special moments with us and enjoy to the fullest. With professionalism and competitive spirit, we believe in delivering impressive events and also offer stunning wedding decorations. As a popular company, our top priority is to keep the clear vision for customer satisfaction. Wedding Mantras represents talented and brilliant performers that will entertain and amaze you as well as your guests.