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Wedding in India is generally a big celebration for all the people who are attached with the groom and the bride and these weddings also vary from one place to another combining several cultures together as India is a diverse country. One of the most important things that Wedding Celebrations include is the food as in India everything good begins with sweet.

The events during the Indian wedding are rolled around actual event and a chance to enjoy different tastes at different moments. Choosing the right caterer at the Wedding Celebration is one of the utmost things and it is a hurdle that people have to select the food menu and it seem like a challenging process as it is one of the centrepieces of the special day. You should choose the services of experts who not only understands the tastes of you and your partner but also manages to impress the guests at your wedding. The meals served should be satisfying enough.

When we talk about Indian food there are several types of food from spicy to creamy ones, offering a wide range of dishes in order to make your Wedding Celebration meaningful and memorable. Food is what brings people together; this is why quality and services cannot be compromised and the guests can forget anything but the food is something they will never going to forget as they will enjoy all the specialties.



Sit-down dinner

It is one of the traditional ways to enjoy at the wedding where in people sit down and eat the cuisines peacefully. People are basically served three courses – starters, main course and dessert and sometimes they also keep drinks or mock tails for the guests. The caterer will hand over a suggestion of food menu list to you and you can choose any cuisines from that list. In India, it is one of the most popular ways that people celebrate the wedding like this. In order to add more fun, the people boast activities like dance and toasts in between each course to keep guests engaged and maintain a nice energy throughout the meal service.

Buffet System

As Indian wedding takes a lot of show-off, these days’ people are also keeping the buffet system and offerings presented in one line. There are a lot of food items that usually people keep in buffet also. The buffet will remain open for all of the guests to make one trip through, and for extra hungry guests to visit it again, but then it will be shut down rather quickly. It is also one of the most trending things that you might witness at the Indian big-fat Wedding Celebration. But buffet also makes it much easier and more effective to provide guests with a vast range of varieties of choices, which might help the people to explore more and would have lot of options.

Family style dinner

Family style dinner is more or less like a sit-down dinner. The only difference between the two is that family style is more shared in an intimate manner. In family style, people sit in large portions and offerings are placed on each table for all the guests. You will feel like you are having dinner just like when you have it at home with your whole family together. It is also one of the ways to show love and concern for each other and is most followed traditions in India and still prevailing in the lives of the people as it showcases the tradition of the country where the feeling of brotherhood is utmost important in order to keep everyone united.


The best part of the Wedding Mantras is that the professional and experienced caterers makes your Wedding feast tasty and memorable. Serving both Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian and multi-cuisine separately, the Menu options are exciting indeed catering to the preferences of the people. Some of the scrumptious cuisines which we offer are of high-quality with the authentic tastes that will make your cravings to an end. Leave everything on us and you only need to dream; you can count on us for the rest and witness your wedding becoming a culinary experience.


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