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The wedding day is really important as well as memorable in everyone’s life. It brings in a lot of joy and happiness altogether between the two families. One of the ways to celebrate the wedding is dance and songs in order to make the D-Day even more special. Nowadays you can see couples and families hiring wedding choreographers who choreograph couple dance and other performances at reception, sangeet and cocktail. Every marriage ceremony whether it is pre-wedding or post-wedding is incomplete without dance performances. From the ancient times, dance has not only been a way to express happiness but it also tells a story, it brings people close and lets them enjoy the moment worry-free.

The joy of Indian wedding is a time for bundle of happiness; songs and dances add to the fun element to the event. Well, the relatives and friends have always displayed their joy in form of dance but nowadays hiring professional wedding choreographers has become popular. These choreographers know how to make your foot tap to the tunes of the song. Whether it’s cocktail night or a Sangeet ceremony, the dance throughout the wedding celebrations is quite necessary for the people and the guests who attend the wedding and be a part of the festive events.

Wedding Choreographers have the capability to train the bride, groom, friends and relatives in a just few days. You can showcase your personality and let your hair down with friends and family in order to enjoy the functions to the fullest with your close knits.


Dance was there from the time when marriage was introduced but with the passage of time, the forms of the dance changed and now the types of songs is changing like snap of the fingers. You have to be too naive to think that people looking for fun aren’t looking for some really good dancing and well-organized choreography. If the families of the bride and groom get along, they will surely be excited on the wedding day. They both will want to have the best entry, groom or bride wise. They both will want to have the best dance performances on the sangeet night. They will not leave any stone unturned to find a chance to impress each other. So, that’s why you need to hire a choreographer to make you feel like a dancer and you can groove as much as you want.

List of the peppy songs

You will need to decide upon a list of wedding songs to dance you have to groove to. It can be Bollywood wedding songs, Bollywood dance numbers, peppy English songs, or choreography on Punjabi songs. But just remember that to entertain people and guests choose some peppy song so that people could enjoy your performance. You will need to sit with all the members who are going to perform, get together with the choreographer if you have hired one, and determine the track list. You will need a song mixer to smoothly cut and mix the songs to make the tracks you want to dance to. Never play one full song, it gets boring.

Focus on the entry dance

The entry dance will be very different from the sangeet ceremony dance. There is very little scope here, time and space wise. But that does not mean you will enter with some lousy steps just moving your hands about! The choreographer for wedding dance needs to pay enough attention to the wedding entry scene as it makes the guests and your family excited. The people accompanying the bride or groom need to be serious about it. You need a good idea about the space you will be entering through, whether there will be a flight of stairs, whether the gateway will be narrow or broad, and so on.

Stage rehearsal

Whenever you are going for a full out dance performance you will need to see the stage. You might have too many or too few people on the team to fit in or fill up space. You might need to find a convenient place to keep the stereo boxes if there isn’t already a designated spot. If you want to enter dancing, you need to gauge the pathway from the entrance to the stage. So, a stage rehearsal is a must. The positions, the start time for the music, all depends upon it. This point is really important if you want your performance to go good as practicing should be done.


Wedding Mantras offers you with a plethora of Wedding Choreography services that will take care of all your expectations and ideas. The team of Wedding Choreographers that we have is highly professional and highly qualified who has a lot of knowledge about the trending dance steps as well as the songs to groove on. The service includes Song selection, Track mixing, Props for performances, Background dancers among others. Get ready to groove on your D-Day or at the wedding of your family members with Wedding Mantras.