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Firework display is not a part of Indian wedding but it is gradually becoming a popular option to help celebrate a wedding; it can help to create the perfect end to the perfect day and add a lot of charm to your D-Day. Displaying fireworks is one of the unique things that you can do in wedding. However, there are some considerations that you need to take into account first.

Check with the venue – first of all, you need to speak to the venue to check that fireworks are allowed as you do not want to set your heart on a firework display if it will not be allowed. If it is permitted, then there might be some restrictions on noise limits or and timing.  If this is the case it will be necessary to request that the company in charge of the display use low noise fireworks and ensure that they fire within the prescribed time and this is the utmost thing that you have keep in mind if you are looking for a venue who do display fireworks in wedding because usually it happens very less in India so there might be chances that you would not get much providers.

Things to consider before you book a firework!


Remember that in the winter months, night falls far earlier in the evening than in the height of summer. This means that you could hold your wedding fireworks display at an earlier hour with a winter wedding – ideal if you’ve got children attending who will enjoy the display. But in the country like India firstly, fireworks happen very less and even if you got some arrangements so you would have a limited time to showcase them at wedding celebrations.

Tie the knot in the summer and you’ll have to wait until around 10pm for darkness. By this point the dancing and Champagne will have been flowing for hours – will you really be able to get your guests organized outside to enjoy the show? A master of ceremonies will come in handy here – leave the ushering and organizing to them! On the other hand, in the autumn and winter months, you’re more likely to encounter rain. Many fireworks displays are weather dependent, so plan your wedding celebrations at the time of best season.


When you have decided on a budget, it will then be time to talk to an organizer about what you want on your special day. The fireworks company should be able to help you to plan different colour schemes and will also be able to customize your display so that it will coordinate with your wedding theme. If you don’t have a proper knowledge of themes then get some expert’s advice. Themes are really amazing if you really want to enjoy the fireworks then you would definitely go to the expert. There are so many amazing packages that you might opt for according to your requirement. The experts will have a full-fledged knowledge about the timings and other things.


Another aspect to consider would be the music. Without any doubt, be clear of your favourite song or songs that you’ll want to feature as part of the display, and you will need to speak to the organizer to ensure that your chosen music is suitable. If not, the display designer will be able to offer you viable alternatives. You can also tell your display designer to changes the songs accordingly to your requirement. The combination of music with fireworks is amazing that will uplift the mood of all the guests.


Outside space will be essential for any wedding fireworks display to be possible. Beyond that, you’ll need to speak to your venue about what they do and do not allow. Some are happy for you to hold a pyrotechnic extravaganza, while others prefer you to stick to sparklers. So, it is one of another important factors that you need to keep in mind while looking for a suitable wedding venue for you.


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