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Wedding is the beautiful moment of your life and so are the Wedding Celebrations. Since, India is one of those countries that depict its culture in almost everything so a country like this has a lot more rituals to do at the time of wedding.

A bride-to-be is always pampered the most while prepping for the Big Day. The excitement doubles in a wedding when the bride wallows in the magical world of her own. But this is not where it ends as wedding is full of the mixed emotions! The most important and heart-stopping moment for everyone is when a bride’s Vidaai in the wedding come along. The teary-eyes of all while the brides leaves is the most emotional part of the wedding. On the other hand, there is also a ritual of Ghori where the groom rides a horse until he reaches the gate where the bride parents have done the arrangements of their wedding.

Hence, the Ghori and Doli comes complementary with each other as they serve both the Wedding Partners for different purposes and at different times. Book the Ghori and Doli services to make your Wedding Celebrations flawless.


Indians have always believed that a girl is a ‘Paraya Dhan,’ (eventually belongs to someone special) someone who has been blissfully given away at the time of marriage. When the bride leaves her home, she is usually dressed in her bridal wear that she donned during the Kanyadan and Phere. Along with her husband, she moves outside her maternal home mostly surrounded by her father and brothers, as she throws three handful of rice or wheat and few coins over her head and into the house. This ritual of throwing rice and coins symbolizes that she is repaying back her parents for keeping her in the house and also spreading happiness and prosperity in all corners of the house. Once this ritual is completed, she is lead to the Palanquin or the groom’s vehicle to leave for her new home. The Vidaai is one of the emotional moments for the parents of a girl as she has to leave her parents and step in to her husband’s house and live there for rest of her life as it’s her real home and she belongs to that house. This tradition was earlier performed with the presence of Doli that is decorated beautifully and the people used to carry that Doli to the groom’s house. For nowadays, this Doli ritual is kind of ditzy and old but for those who want to keep it simple and want to give it a royal touch, opt for the Doli Vidaai.  


India is just quite different just like its rare culture where people are bonded by the tradition. And it is said that the groom comes riding on the horse at the gate of the banquet or the destination in order to take away his bride. It is something that we have never seen in any other culture that we are quite different and the Ghori is also believed that it is sacred to begin the marriage. This is also something that you will find during the wedding celebrations. Usually the Ghori’s are decked up in glam so that it can match up with the groom-to-be. All the traditional finery for decorating our Indian wedding horse is imported from India. It’s a beautifully embroidered red and golden cloth outfit that perfectly complements the turban, sehra, sherwani, churidar and Punjabi jutti among others.


Wedding Mantras is specialised mainly in wedding and to add an extra charm to your wedding celebrations. We pride ourselves in providing the beautifully decorated Doli and the Wedding Horses that are well trained for festive Indian wedding celebrations. We believe in giving meticulous attention to our clients need and take every possible step to make the Wedding Celebrations memorable.