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There are a lot of beautiful moments that are really important in our lives and one of those moments is wedding. Yes, wedding is something that you will cherish every time you open the memories of the D-Day. To make those moments special, people do every possible thing to keep them unique. Wedding celebrations may vary from one place to another.

If you look for a wedding planner then the first and foremost thing that you see is the hospitality as it plays a major role in your Wedding Celebrations. The marriage ceremony is elaborated now a days and spans over a few days. Thus, suitability as well as comfort is utmost important things for all your guests that a wedding planner should keep in mind.

Usually, people forget the most important thing ‘Hospitality’ that is also required to treat the guests along with the other things as your guests will always remember you warmly and thank you not only for an enjoyable time at the wedding, but also for the pleasant experience. The hospitality can make the Wedding Celebrations go smooth for the people and they would feel good throughout the wedding events if everything is systematic and arranged.


Wedding celebrations is an important affair that people in country like India genuinely waits for. The marriage in India takes place with all the tradition and cultural rituals that depicts how dedicated and attached we all so into our roots. A good hospitality will make the time enjoyable for your guests at your Destination Wedding. It will also promise you a happy and enjoyable stay for them.

Welcome your guests with warm heart

These days, relatives and extended family does not live together as the family is becoming nuclear gradually. So, in order to make the stay comfortable as they have to travel from far, the hospitality should be top-notch. Showing up at your wedding celebrations via plane to cross state or even country borders, your guests are everything to you and this is the best occasion to do the perfect family get-together. Hence, it is your responsibility to make your guests feel good. Your warm hospitality will make them remember you throughout their lives. So, the hospitality plays a vital role in all the Wedding Celebrations.

Some guests need special attention

Since, in India there are a lot of rituals and customs at the time of wedding and elderly people are utmost important part of everything by seeking their blessing if something new starts off. It is really important that your wedding should take place in the presence of the grandparents as they are the one who knows a lot about the tradition and rituals to start the new chapter of life. For them, you also need to make some special arrangements and ask your wedding planner to take care of all the needs of the elderly people would need. By doing this, they will not feel tired or uncomfortable and can enjoy the wedding celebrations to the fullest. You might also have grandparents or guests who have issues like diabetes, B.P and any other problems, so, you also have to take care about their meals. Also, take into account all those fussy eaters in the group as well as the kids.

Make a proper travel arrangement from your venue

Mostly, people at the time of Wedding Celebrations usually forgets that the location of your venue is really important as your close relative and other guests are new to the venue so they would need someone to direct for the way to reach on time. Make sure that you choose the location that is not so far from the Airport as well as from the Railway Station so that your guests can reach on time and be a part of each and every Wedding Celebration. You can also do one thing that at the back of your invitation card, you can make a map to direct the location of your venue as it will make the task easy for them and they would not lose anywhere in the city.

Entertain the guests with some amazing activities

Your guests are there to share your special moments with you. They will be there with you to cherish each and every moment at the wedding celebrations. They have taken out some amount of time from their busy schedule to come over to attend the wedding. So, make sure apart from the wedding events you also keep some activities for them to enjoy in their own ways and pamper them so that they won’t feel bored at any point of time. So, arrange some entertaining events to pamper them as it will keep them engrossed all the time.


At Wedding Mantras, we believe that premium hospitality is what makes a Wedding Venue perfect. Our Wedding Planners make sure that your Wedding Celebrations are top-notch and you will not find any loophole. The Hospitality is our prime concern because our main aim is to make our clients as well as their guests happy by providing a stay that is memorable and unforgettable in order to make them enjoy to the fullest. We offer a wide array of services at the wedding celebrations including 24x7 doctor-over-the-call, 24x7 person at reception, good food menu, a range of engaging activities and more.