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Wedding is one of the most amazing experiences and happy moments of your life. People start preparing for the wedding celebration prior months in India as there are a lot of preparations that has to be done because there are a lot of rituals and beliefs that are bound. There is only one way to go back down the memory lane and that is through photo and videos so that relive the moment again.

In the pictures, there is a drawback that you cannot hear anything and cannot do the motion whereas; in the video you can actually hear the vows and everything else what’s going on around. In the video, you can actually rejoice the old memories quite well.


Drone Photography

This type of photography gives you an aerial shot from the sky watching you from above. There are several good cameras that can capture some amazing shots. Earlier, this thing was not even existed but now the people have started this culture a lot. They are all game to pose on a high mountain at the edge of the rock, if need be, to get unusual clicks. The pictures look so amazing whatever is taken by drone.

Monochrome Photography

This type of photography is basically in the black and white colour. These kinds of pictures are usually taken by most of the photographers now-a-days at the time of wedding or in pre-wedding shoot. The background is mostly black and white in order to take the candid moments of the people. This kind of photography is one of the most used ones in terms of wedding celebrations as well as with other things. 


Cinematic video

The cinematic video is very trendy these days at the time of Wedding Celebrations. This kind of video is one that is edited much like a movie. It puts emphasis on the emotion of the milestone. There are a lot of efforts that are to be done and several special effects and editing has to be done. The editing is same like that of what we have it in Bollywood. The videographer will not only click the random pictures of the couple but also set-up a different themed area for the perfect pictures and would also direct them how to pose. The story format of cinematic videography revolves around details of music, vows, first looks, vendors, and guests. 

Traditional video

The most common ways to make the video of Wedding Celebrations is the traditional way. Everything is quite simple yet watchable as each and everything is represented in chronicle order and often times lasts at least 30 minutes. Usually in India, people prefer this kind of wedding video which is not up so high. By watching this video, you will rejoice each and every moment as well as the vows you promised to each other while getting hitched along with the perfect song. In this video, it is filled with all the romantic tracks and happy moments.

Love story wedding video

As simple as its name, the love story wedding video is also one of the trendiest. It is one of the romantic videos where the videographer takes the couple’s candid images and compiles it with the story of how the duo met and head over heels in love with each other. In the video, voiceover will also be done who would be telling the story of the lovers and sometimes, the videographer also incorporates photos of their younger or of the earlier stages of their relationship until they got married. In India, usually this kind of wedding video is still lacking behind but the concept is really nice that will make you remember all the year that you have spent with each other and after so many years of togetherness the couple got hitched. You will definitely feel nostalgia.


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