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Wedding Invitation Cards

Wedding Invitation Cards

A wedding day is really special in everyone’s life as they say that the matches are made in heaven and celebrated on earth in the form of weddings. The bride-groom are not the only one that bounds the wedding together but also their families to one another. The wedding celebration takes place followed by various rituals.

The occasion begins with the printing of the wedding cards as for the first time the name of the bridegroom and bride comes together. To make it more elegant, people choose wedding cards which is more or less like an invitation card to the wedding. Usually, Indian wedding has mantras and shlokas written on the cards to invoke the Gods. In Indian wedding, the cards are usually devoted to the Lord Ganesha first as an invitation to him at the wedding and bless everyone who witnesses the wedding. Later, the wedding card are distributed to the all the relatives in order to invite them in wedding.

Wedding Invitation Cards give the guests all the information they would need about the wedding schedule. Some guests find out about the wedding only after receiving the card. For some they serve as a reminder. So, Indian wedding cards play a vital role during the wedding preparations. There are different kinds of wedding cards that you can opt for.


Invitation Boxes

With the passage of the time, the decoration on wedding cards has changed a lot and one of its kinds is invitation boxes that are usually comes in a shape of box. Inside that you can keep something edible along with the wedding card. While some people stuff some decorative things inside the box to make it classy just to show-off a bit. It need not necessarily be edible gifts packed, but also makeup and bath and body care products often help in filling the box that is the new wave of Indian wedding cards in town.

Block Prints

Block prints are one of the common kinds of wedding cards when it comes to Indian wedding cards. This kind of printing is coming from a really long time and this is ever-green. The price of this card is much reasonable then that of the box’s ones. If you have a lot of relatives then you can go for this kind of card as it will not burn a hole in your pocket. Although very common but they still have different designs, shapes, and sizes, making each one unique to use.

Picture card

Many a times the cards hold a picture of both bride and the groom in order to make them introduce to each other’s family and this used to happen when WhatsApp was a lesser known blessing or when they were not much into Facebook meandering and stalking.

In India, there is everything extra at the time of wedding and now-a-days in order to add little fun they are incarnated of the brides and the grooms being drawn or a picture of pre-wedding shoot being used. If the invitation is a box and more than a card you can even put bobble heads of your own models in it as the bride and groom and make it fun.

Family Heritage

Coming from an ancestral background, Indians take the legacy of their tradition forward as Indians give a lot of importance to the families so almost every Indian wedding card, have the names of the bride and groom’s parents and they also have names of their grandparents on the cards. Some of the people also mention the names of their villages in order to make the relatives aware of the fact that from which village the groom’s and brides ancestor reside.

Qualification of Bride and Groom

It may sound quite weird but there are some places in Southern India where people mention the educational qualification on the wedding cards like Dr. In places like marriages are more about two people with compatible educational qualifications tying the knot. The qualification of both bride-to-be and groom-to-be is mandatory to mention on the wedding cards while preparing for a wedding celebration.


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