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Wedding Thematic Decor

Wedding Thematic Decor

Add a distinctive character to your Wedding venue decorations according to your vision with Wedding Mantra’s Thematic Decor service. Wedding Celebrations are incomplete without bold decorations and exclusive design executions that captivates each and everyone’s attention. Creating a friendly, adjustable, and comfortable atmosphere for the guests to make your special day extraordinary is what we do. From vibrant confetti, bold patterns, rich textures, we strongly believe that the Wedding themes tells everything about the unique story of each client.

The most awaited time of people’s life is when they get married as it is one of the important events of your life because you are all set to meet ‘the one’ of your life and also start over a new life with your partner. In India, the marriage is not only between the couples but also in between the two families and the two families unite on the cheerful night on your marriage.

Wedding, without a shadow of a doubt is the most memorable occasions of people’s lives and if your marriage is on the cards then we might help you with the wedding place as well as the Wedding Thematic Décor that is really trending these days and also considers very important as you have to create a positive vibe to feel good and excited for the bride and the groom along with their relatives.

Hosting a picture-perfect wedding celebration begins with a suitable theme setting. A carefully chosen Wedding Thematic Décor will make your marriage an elegant and distinguished event.


In our childhood, we all dreamt of our prince and princess and when this dream comes true in reality, we make sure that everything should fall into the right place. The fairy tale theme should be on your top-most list among the Wedding Thematic Decors as we all have imagined when we were children. Starting with the decoration to food menu everything should be perfect for your wedding. For this kind of theme, you can also match up the colour of your dress with your partner. This wedding theme will definitely take you to the fantasy world of magic. Wedding Venue theme should not be cliché and boring as it turns down the level of excitement so deck up the theme in such a way that everyone remembers your wedding day.


Beach Weddings are in trend nowadays. The peaceful setting alongside the sea makes your wedding just perfect as beaches will never disappoint you. So, if you want a beach wedding then you can opt for Wedding Thematic Décor that complements your bright environment.  Goa, being the most famous for Beach Weddings will be your ultimate choice if you are getting hitched anytime soon. Go to a good wedding planner and ask them what you need on your wedding day. As the Beach Weddings generally happens in the day time, it is important to keep in line the decorations. It should be subtle not too loud as the beach theme has a subtle atmosphere. The dress of the groom and bride should be pastel colours which will definitely enhance the look.


The Destination Wedding is one thing that everyone dreamt of. Being the most attractive, beautiful, and charming of all the wedding themes, this will make you feel royal. Just like the Maharajas, in the Royal Theme, everything is made in accordance that imitates the style of weddings as it was in the colonial era. Started with the lavish decorations, delicate stroll work, dashes of rich shades to the beautifully designed dresses of groom and the bride, the Royal Theme will make your wedding a grand affair. Don’t fail to find the appropriate venue like Jaipur, Jodhpur, and Udaipur. Dotted with several Havelis and Palaces, these places of Rajasthan will not disappoint you. Also, finding the grand staircase at the venue is must as when the Bride walks down the stairs, the scene would be mesmerizing.


This is one of the most common Wedding Thematic Décor that the decorators do as the wedding in India is closely woven with religious sentiments and beliefs. If you like to keep the theme religious then you can ask your decorator to adorn with flowers and other things to give it a religious look. Keeping everything grounded to what Indians believe is right for the weddings complements your Traditional Thematic Décor. Partnered with the family members and relatives, the traditional wedding turns out to be a grand setting. Make your marriage a delight with savoury tastes of Indian traditions with this theme.


Whenever we tend to think about Indian wedding in terms of decoration, we think about decorating it with flowers as it has become a legacy and have been doing it since a very long time now. If you want Flower Wedding Theme at your wedding venue then you can cover the entrance area, ceiling, dining area and the mandap with flower wedding theme and with the garlands to make the theme more unique. You can ask your decorator to put Orchids and Rose to give it a classy look and the can also decorate the ambiance of Mandap with flowers as Mandap is consider as one of the pious things when we talk about marriage.


Wedding Mantras has plenty of Wedding Venues across India so whether you want to tie the knot amidst mountains or beach you can always count on us for discovering something unique on your D-Day. By the part of the unique wedding and we also have customized theme according to the requirement of the customer. Your wedding day is supposed to be the most special occasion of your life. Make it an event full of surprises, quirks and bizarre stories so that when you look back at these moments, you just can’t stop smiling with us. We offer our clients with the contemporary yet elegant decor and lighting ideas, matching best with the theme of the wedding. Our expert team will help design the best theme decoration that will give your guest a delight experience. Theme ideas provide a plethora of customized and personalized services which can be selected as per your needs and budget demands. Some of the services offered include lighting, Entrance décor, Mandap set up, Sound setup, accommodation and much more to make your stay wedding day more memorable. So, come for a spellbound experience and the Wedding Mantras is the choice you ought to make.