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Wedding Trousseau Packing

Wedding Trousseau Packing

Since, wedding is one of the important events that we all love and is important. There are several things that are important and one such thing is Wedding Trousseau Packing as it leaves a great impact in the eyes of the would-be in-laws and on their relatives.

In India, there is a custom of exchange of gifts that is prevailing from a really long time where the two families who are about to get linked to each other give gifts and other mandatory things to each other out of love and respect. But with the passing time, this thing has upgraded and now the people give gifts but the way and the name has been changed a lot with over time. Wedding Trousseau Packing is the formal name of packing of the gifts and the big fat wedding celebrations that take place have started doing it after seeing the western culture. People splurge a lot of money on packing the gifts and hire someone who is really good at it. The people believe that it looks nice the way they pack and decorate everything and wrap it up beautifully with some decorative things. This trend has started and gradually it will become one of the important things at the time of wedding celebrations.


Trends are changing; especially the way gifts and trousseau are packed during weddings. A bride may have the most fabulous designer trousseau, or the most designer jewellery customized especially for her – it may prove futile if they are not beautifully packed and artistically presented. And same goes with the groom, be it sherwani or a blazer suit, these are packed with lovely decorations. Along with this, the people have also started given some extra different boxes with trousseau.

Sweet boxes

Sweet boxes are often exchanged in India as they say that if you are starting something good then you must have sweet before going for the particular thing as it brings good luck. So, in terms of marriage also it works as the families are starting something great and connecting with some other family for good. A lot of times people bring sweets and give sweets at the time of wedding as they believe it as a ‘Shagun’. So, along with the Wedding Trousseau they also send sweet boxes to start everything on a good note.


Apart from sweet boxes, people have started sending envelopes in order to give the ‘Shagun’ to their daughter-in-law or son-in-law. It is believed that it is one of the ways to give them blessing if a person cannot come to meet the duo in person. It is also one of the ways which in India they express love by sending them money as the blessings. Earlier, people used to give some gifts or anything that the bride and the groom can use but now-a-days the guests prefer giving money envelopes if they don’t find anything interesting. So, its best if you go for the Wedding Trousseau Packing to keep it simple yet effective.

Dry Fruit basket

Initially, people did not have enough money to showcase what they can do to the weddings as the wedding were simple but now with the updating of the economy and the time, people are more into showing off so along with the trousseau they also send a basket of dry fruits to the close and the extended ones. There can be some raisins, walnuts or almonds in one box that the people sent. Giving dry fruits is also one of the things that people pack along with the trousseau and ways to invite the guests.

Fruit Basket

Fruit basket is also one of the things that people send with the trousseau and in the early times whenever the wedding used to take place, the guests used to bring fruits but with the change in time, people are now over doing it sending it with the clothes. There are a very few amounts of normal fruits that you will find as there would be costly fruits and fruits which you must have not heard of before because they aren’t easily accessible.


Wedding Mantras believes in not procrastinate the services and delivers the promised services on time. The team of highly qualified and professionals pack the items carefully and in the innovative way. They spend significant time in the beautification of the gifts and can provide services like the packaging and also handcrafting the gifts, as per your requirements. Wedding Mantras offers the Trousseau Packing services to make your Wedding Celebrations memorable and special. So, to embark that impression on your guests, go for the Trousseau Packing idea and invite your guests with a range of gifts which you like the best.