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Wedding Venue is something that reflects the ideas and personality of the Wedding Couple in one frame. Wedding is indeed a once in a lifetime thing (at least for the lucky ones, *wink*) which anyhow needs to be perfect. We mean who doesn’t want to make their wedding perfect? Afterall, this is the one thing for which all are relatives has been waiting for and almost irritated us with the same question again and again, that when will you get married? So, to make it that effective and amazing, people give away their blood and sweat to the decision of finding the right venue.

After deciding what your wedding location would be, the second difficult decision drops down to the Wedding Venue. The selection of the right wedding venue can be tricky but exciting. Taking everything in consideration from space, location, to accommodation, it becomes really tiring for an ordinary person to find the extraordinary wedding venue.

Every couple has their own style and dreams about their special day celebration. And what this celebration will look like depends on their choices and requirements. Securing an appealing Wedding Venue covers half the portion of the Wedding Arrangements as it is most time consuming. There are numerous factors that make this selection difficult. Sometimes the space is good but location is not and vice-versa. To be precise, Wedding Venue should be big enough to accommodate your guests but small enough to avoid the scattering of people all around. 

Keeping in mind these sore difficulties, we help you in finding your dream Wedding Venue. As the Wedding Planner, we are aware of the key points that should be kept in spotlight to avoid the misconceptions, miscommunications, and mis-happenings. The Wedding professionals works with you taking your imaginations, way of execution, and dreams in perspective.

A perfect Wedding Celebration is something that works on the pillars of efficiency, innovative approach, timely yet flawless execution. Some other important points that should be considered before deciding the right wedding venue are policies and restrictions if any, number of events organized before, climatic conditions of the city of wedding, security arrangements, and scope of additional services. 

It's easy to get put off a place by the words on the screen or drawn in by some fancy photography when really, the only way to determine if this place is for you or not is to get out there and see it for yourself. It might sound intimidating but searching for a perfect place for Wedding destination can really be tough most of the times.


Due to the trend of Destination Wedding, the people go like crazy when planning for a perfect wedding. You have to take care of the entire thing starting from the decoration to the place you choose to say ‘Yes, I do’. It is really important to decide all of these things very carefully as wedding venues can become a scarce resource so quickly. 


Location is one of the most important things that you should keep in mind. The Wedding Venue should be within the reasonable distance from most attendee’s homes or places of work. The atmosphere should be positive and intimate and it is really important that wedding location goes a long way to ensure that the guests arrive and leave happy. While looking for location you must consider that the venue should be within the large campus or institute, maps with pins that helps a lot.


This is also another factor that you should consider at the time of searching for a perfect Wedding Venue and make sure that when you are splurging so much of money then you must do check on the facilities and other amenities like washrooms, parking space, food, cleanliness, air conditioning facility, lighting and also check how many rooms are there so that you can see how many guests can accommodate.


There are a lot of things while looking for a Wedding Venue for your D-Day but accessibility of the venue should be right so that your guests can reach at the destination easily as well as on time. Try to look for a location that is easy to find on Google Maps in order to get the right direction. Also, try to avoid those location at that has high traffic as it can really piss off the guests. And once you are done with the payment and selection of your wedding place do print the same route at the back of your invitation cards as this will make it easy for the guests to reach on time.


If you are looking for a Wedding Venue then you have to keep one more thing in mind and it’s the weather. Always try to get hitched when the weather is pleasant as it can really make your special day a disaster if you marry in extreme summers or winters. But do not worry, as with the introduction of the concept of luxury banquets, the events do not only become weather-proof but also meets the demand of having a majestic edifice on your D-Day. Banquets are a very good idea in summers as well as in extreme winters.


There are a lot of banquet halls that have a large amount of space with several numbers of rooms and suites to accommodate the guests and to make their stay comfortable, the rooms are all decked up with the basic as well with the modern amenities starting with LED TV, in-room dining and balcony attached to the rooms to enjoy the mesmerizing views from the rooms. The staff is well mannered and trained and puts extra efforts to understand and fulfil all your demands as the main aim is to make maximum guests’ satisfaction with the gracious hospitality.


Wedding Mantras offers a lot of banquets halls across India. If you want to celebrate your special day amidst mountains, we have several Wedding Venues so that you can enjoy your wedding to the fullest with all the rituals and warm environment. If you want a royal wedding destination or a beach wedding or for that matter a normal simple wedding, we have plenty of destinations across India. The halls have multiple spaces for various functions and parties and wedding is one of them. The interiors are decked up according to the tradition of the wedding like if it is a Maharashtrian wedding then the atmosphere will be according to that. The ballrooms feature magnificent décor with the elegant themes that will add an extra amount of happiness to make your special day even more memorable. For wedding functions, the hall has a lot of space to accommodate all your guests and in some of the wedding venues we also have terrace space which offers great views of the local areas. Along with this, there is a poolside in  many of the venues which is one of the most attractive things why people choose our wedding venue.

The Wedding Venues also offers a long list of impeccable services so that you can make more memories for the life-time on your special day. The services can be customized according to your requirement and we make sure that the services will make your event unique and personalized. You can choose the menu by your own and can tell the caterer what to add on the list along with the decoration. Along with this, you will also be provided with power backup, extra furniture and other services. The venues also offer relaxing activities like spa in order to give you solace after the hectic wedding functions.