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Groom Wear

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Groom Wear

Groom is the focus of the attraction on his wedding day so it is quite obvious that he has to look good on her D-Day. Choosing the right outfit for your wedding and other wedding ceremonies might be a tedious task as the groom has to decide what would go best with his bride’s outfit. With the numbers of outfits, it’s really confusing that what to wear according to the trend. So, with Wedding Mantras (A unit of CYJ Events) would be a perfect shoulder to cry on. We have various vendors and designers that can help you getting the trendiest outfits on your special days of your wedding.

Services we offer

  • Sherwani 
  • Sherwani on Rent 
  • Wedding Suites/Tuxes
  • Sherwani - We have a wide range of collection of Sherwanis that you can choose from according to your needs.
  • Sherwani on Rent - It is not necessary to buy a sherwani when you can easily rent it with Wedding Mantras. We do have offbeat sherwani designs that you will surely go for.
  • Wedding Suites/Tuxes - From stylish designer suits to classy Tuxes or the dapper style suits for wedding reception, you will find everything here.

Groom Wear Gallery

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