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Music & Dance

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Music & Dance

Like everything else, music and dance in Indian wedding is equally important as you have to add a tinge of entertainment to your wedding. These days, you have to have the source of entertainment for your guests to make them groove to your wedding and to become a part of your grand celebration of life. With the help of entertainment and dance, the guests feel happy and you can also hire one of the best DJs, Live bands with Wedding Mantras (A unit of CYJ Events) where we have several vendors that you can choose according to your budget and needs.

Services we offer

  • DJs
  • Sangeet Choreographers
  • Wedding Entertainment
  • DJs - To keep the guests' hooked, you can hire a DJ with us that will make them groove on the dance floor and become a part of your happiness.
  • Sangeet Choreographers - Doing a live performance on your sangeet has become quite a trend now and with us, you can hire one of the best sangeet choreographers is a must.
  • Wedding Entertainment - With us, you can also hire live performance music band, a comedian, a singer and a lot of personalities for the entertainment of your guests on your wedding ceremonies.

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