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The real wedding rituals and everything would be so boring if there is a lack of any kind of entertainment that should be added to the Indian Weddings. When it comes to leave a lasting impression of your big day, the wedding entertainment you choose makes all the difference. No wedding celebration in India is incomplete without a little music or without dhol as Indians love dancing and it also adds a lot of glam and glitz to the wedding. Earlier, the wedding used to be very on point as there were no DJ, dhol or anything as the things were pretty simple at that time but with the passage of the time, things changed and people showed their excitement with the striking dance moves. DJ is one thing that is included for sure in your entertainment list.

Another great option to add the source of entertainment is by hiring a live band or musicians to add the perfect harmonious touch to the wedding where in you can also perform and dance your heart out. You can also consider out of the box entertainment options like caricature artists, fortune tellers, photo booths, special children’s performers etc. depending on the kind of wedding you are having. Another aspect to enhance any wedding event and the entertainment is the lighting, sound and special effects. So, here is some of the importance as to why you should have some source of entertainment at the wedding celebrations.


Post exchanging rings and everything it’s time for you to bring out some source of entertainment for your guests. A wedding is a ceremony that is to be cherished for life-time and demands some funny elements to spice up the ritualistic moments. Be it wedding celebrations or anything, entertainment is an aspect that could be arranged everywhere. Everyone waits for entertainment and here are some of the types of entertainment at the wedding.


It is one of the most common sources of entertainment in Indian weddings as the people of India loves to groove their heart out on peppy songs so the tradition of calling a DJ is a legacy that has been running from a long back. In India, people don’t enjoy a wedding unless they shake a leg at wedding celebrations. Arranging a DJ these days is not at all a big deal since it is so trendy these days. In fact, the banquet hall people can also tie ups with the DJ so you can easily find out the one for your wedding events.

Live Bands

If you want something unique so Live Bands are the coolest ones. DJ is too cliché these days and has been following this tradition from a really long time. The best part about the bands is that they are well-versed with the Bollywood and Hollywood songs and the beats as well. A lot of people now-a-days are opting for the Live Bands that is becoming a trend. If you are looking for a live band at Wedding celebrations then you can always count on these bands to enjoy the fullest.

Photo Booth

This might be a different and unique at wedding celebrations by opting for a photo booth as it does not happen frequently that we see this kind of entertainment in Indian weddings but now the people are getting aware of this fact that the photo booth is becoming a trend now. If you are looking for an expensive way then you can also count on this type of entertainment as it is barely seen in the Indian weddings. Think about the events of the Sangeet as well as reception that your friends and family can enjoy easily with all the provided props along with goofy poses.

Arrange Karaoke

It is also one of the amazing and different ways to wedding celebrations to enjoy to the fullest. You can also call DJ or a live band but the best thing about organizing a karaoke night at wedding is that the guests will become happy and get entertained a lot. When we are all in the mood for the ceremony and would like our guests to enjoy the moment with the karaoke night. This is an intriguing way to relive the memories of your wedding at some later time.


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